Custom Pools

Pool Process by Phase
  • One: Design Process

    Backyard plan is designed by you and our consultant.

  • Two: Permitting

    Your permit is prepared and submitted. Permit processing time varies by city. In the CAD program may delay pool construction and may also require re-permitting.

  • Three: Final Processing

    The remainder of file is processed and the plan goes through final detail. The pre-grade is ordered if landscaping or other objects need to be removed from the pool and deck areas.

  • Four: Layout

    Now it is time to paint the layout of the pool (and spa, if included)

  • Five: Excavation

    Things are about to get a bit dirty! At this point, the form boards are installed, the excavator arrives and begins dirt removal.

  • Six: Equipment & Plumbing

    Your pool equipment and plumping are installed. Unless there is a delayed equipment set.

  • Seven: Steel

    Steel reinforced #4 rebar is placed throughout the pool structure and spacers are installed.

  • Eight: Electric

    The electric to meet or exceed required standards.

  • Nine: Pre-Gunite Inspection

    A city inspection is now scheduled.

  • Ten: Shotcrete

    Shotcrete is installed to form the pool shell.

  • Eleven: Waterfall and Boulders

    Any water features are now installed!

  • Twelve: Decking

    Decking is installed.

  • Thirteen: Tile

    Waterline tile is installed.

  • Fourteen: Clean Up

    Things have been dusty for a while. At this point, we finally remove all the debris!

  • Fifteen: Fencing

    The access fence is now replaced.

  • Sixteen: Acrylic (if applicable)

    If applicable in your design, acrylic material is applied on the decking. You will need to allow 24 hours for it to cure

  • Seventeen: Pre-Plaster Inspection

    City inspection occurs to ensure all barrier requirements have been completed. You, as the homeowner, will need to be present for this.

  • Eighteen: Interior Finish

    Your interior finish is installed and the pool begins to fill with water. Some interiors require an acid wash the day before filling.

  • Nineteen: Start-Up

    A start-up technician starts up all equipment, installs the suction cleaner (if applicable) and adds necessary chemicals.

  • Twenty: Orientation

    You will receive a tour and instructions to properly operate and maintain your New Pool!

When you build a pool with Blue Magic Pools, you will have a dedicated senior supervisor available to help make sure the process goes smoothly. They will answer all your questions during the Build. Still have questions now?

Call Today and a Senior Pool Consultant will meet with you!

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